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English Get Ready For a New Season
Hi folks, we are in the final week of season 46 and you know what that means. Sponsor offers start coming in tomorrow and it's time for national team tournaments. You can watch all the national team matches live for free as usual. It's also time to announce the list of countries that will have league regrouping at the end of the season to remove inactive teams from the bottom two league levels. Here is the list: Africa, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Iran, South America, Spain If you sign a sponsorship contract with bonuses and you happen to be moved to a different league... Read the article

English Interview with jerthebear
A few days ago, I presented an interview of the U18 manager and I promised an overview about U.S. national teams. This time, this is an interview with the U20 national team manager: jerthebear. This is already his third season at the head of the U20 team. The first season was not easy with an eighth-place finish at the world championship in Division I, but the second one was excellent with a fourth-place finish. I hope the team will continue to move forward. The manager does a good job and is constantly improving the team. Let’s take a look at his preparation for the next tournament! Read the article

English Interview with capsaicin
There is enough time before the next world cup and I decided to study the three U.S. teams individually. Today we are going to take a look at the U18 National Team, where everything starts. The U18 team did very well season after season for a long time now, and a medal is just what is missing to reward all this hard work. I really hope I do not jinx it guys! Capsaicin really helps for the development of several promising players and a new high quality team grows every season, thanks. His role is not limited by his manager status and he is also a precious scout for the three U.S. national teams. In fact, he should be considered as one of the best managers in PPM and one of the most experimented managers in the U.S. Read the article

English NHL Playoff Pool: Win credits!
Details on two ways you can win credits in a NHL playoff bracket challenge. Read the article

English Interview on History and Future of this Game
Today we will take a look at PPM not just as a game, but also as a project the has (or had) "heart and soul". As a project that is done by ordinary people, people who have been building this game with enthusiasm that has no equal in this business. They have built the community on a personal level, not from a computer in their office. I have made an interview in a friendly tone with one of these people as you can read here. Read the article

English Handball World Championship from the Coaches' Perspective
the 7th PPM Handball World Chamionship will soon begin and it will be hosted by Hungary, thanks to the votes of the national team managers. We'd like to thank them for the trust. Read the article

Slovakia Príďte sa s nami zabaviť, naživo!
Ahojte, dovoľte nám pozvať vás na našu najväčšiu akciu tohto roka. Príďte v nedeľu 16.8.2015 medzi nás, poďte si s nami zabehať a zastrieľať z laserových pušiek do Bratislavy na Železnú Studienku, na podujatie Biathlon Mania Shoot & Run, ktoré organizujeme spolu s našimi partnermi! Zaregistrujte sa a potvrďte tak svoju účasť na www.mestskybiatlon.sk, kde si môžete prísť zabehnúť 2 km dlhú trať, v rámci ktorej vás čaká streľba... Read the article