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English PPM Managers Speak: Stats on the 2015 NHL Playoffs Challenge
A recent bracket-style NHL playoff challenge resulted in the following predictions by PPM managers. Read the article

English A New Era in PPM: Balancing and Exchanging Energy, Currency and Skill
An opinion on how to make the best of the new match importance changes. Read the article

English The People Have Spoken: PPM Managers' Predictions for NHL Round 1 Playoff Action
A playoff prediction pool for PPM managers for the first round of the NHL playoffs produced these statistics. How will the minds of PPM compare with the real result of dramatic playoff hockey? Time will tell. Read the article

English Vote for US national jerseys!
Last week we had a poll to decide which jersey will the national hockey team of Canada have on PPM. You can still vote there. But now you can also pick your favorite American jersey and we have 3 option for you to choose from. Take a look and vote by clicking the link at the bottom and then selecting your favorite set. Read the article

English Vote for Canadian national jerseys!
You have the chance to pick your favorite Canadian jersey. Just select one of the two sets. Anybody can vote but votes from Canadians would be most appreciated. Read the article