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NHL Playoff Pool: Win credits!

NHL Playoff Pool: Win credits!

Greetings everyone,


Just wanted to make you aware of a competition I'm hosting for the up-and-coming NHL playoffs. There will be two pools: free, and paid. The paid pool will cost 10cr which can be sent to me. Upon completion of the playoffs, the winner (or winners depending on the prize pool) will receive their payout. The free pool requires no cost at all, but has a fixed payout that depends on the number of entrants. You can only enter one of the two pools.


Scoring system:

Round 1 - 1 pt for correct pick

Division Winner - 2 pts for correct pick

Conference Winner - 3 pts for correct pick

Stanley Cup Winner - 4 pts for correct pick


Tie-breaker will go to the person who score the most points in the later rounds. If two identical brackets are submitted, the credits will be split among the teams.


What I need from you, if you want to enter:

1 - Choice of winner for each first-round matchup winners (i.e. WSH, PIT, MTL, BOS, ANA, EDM, CHI, MIN), choice of division winners (i.e. WSH, MTL, ANA, CHI), choice of conference winners (i.e. WSH, CHI) and Stanley Cup winner (i.e. WSH).

2 - Pool type (paid *or* free) that you wish to enter. If paid pool, send 10 credits to me (canucks357).


Deadline for submission is 19:00 EDT 12-Apr-2017. I will not be checking to make sure brackets are valid (i.e. you pick team A to beat team B but then have team B winning the next bracket). You are free to submit your entries now, but it may be wisest to wait until after the first round matchups have been decided.


Good luck!



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