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Interview with jerthebear


A few days ago, I presented an interview of the U18 manager and I promised an overview about U.S. national teams. This time, this is an interview with the U20 national team manager: jerthebear. This is already his third season at the head of the U20 team. The first season was not easy with an eighth-place finish at the world championship in Division I, but the second one was excellent with a fourth-place finish. I hope the team will continue to move forward. The manager does a good job and is constantly improving the team.

Let’s take a look at his preparation for the next tournament!

You have a very good second season with the U20. What can you tell us about it?

We had a solid year, although after winning our group at the World Champs, we would have liked to secure promotion. I think we've done a great job creating a very solid defensive identity though, and it showed in a lot of our competitive games. It seems as though we can always count on the american program to develop great goalies and defensemen. 


Why did you want to be a national team manager?

I've always been a big supporter of the national team, and wanted to be able to try my hand at the side of the game. Also, to be able to learn more about the top players we produce as a country that also fill our top teams is extremely valuable to help me grow my own team.


You play at different sports on PPM. What is your favorite and why?

Hockey has always been the first love here on PPM. I am a huge fan of basketball too though, and especially love the quicker seasons it brings. Football is a great sport however, and in my opinion, the most strategic of the 4 sports offered.


Your third tournament as a manager will start in a few weeks. Can you share your plans with us?

 I'd like to continue the strong defensive ways of the past few seasons. We've got some great blue liners this year, that should no doubt help us compete for promotion, and I think our top forward line can score with any team in the world. Stimson, Jefferson, and Gonzales especially make my job easier with the talent and experience they bring. While our goalies may not be as great as in past years, some of the early friendlies have shown we still have more than enough talent in net to pitch shutouts.


Thank you for your time.


Our first game at the World Championship will be against Switzerland on the 2.2.2019.

Our opponents:

Switzerland U20

Argentina U20

Brazil U20

Poland U20

Belarus U20



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