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English Handball World Championship from the Coaches' Perspective
the 7th PPM Handball World Chamionship will soon begin and it will be hosted by Hungary, thanks to the votes of the national team managers. We'd like to thank them for the trust. Baca artikel

English Season 22 U18 Top Division World Championships
The U18 United States National Hockey Team goes into its 5th consecutive season in the top division as the 4th ranked U18 national hockey team in the world. The United States has made the playoffs in 3 out of the last 4 seasons. Finland, Croatia, Russia and Slovakia have also made the playoffs 3 times out of the last 4 seasons. No team has made the playoffs in all 4 of the last 4 seasons. The United States had its best result in season 20 when it lost to eventual champion Portugal in the semifinals and finished in 4th place. Baca artikel

As Christmas approaches, a Cold Mountain White Christmas is about as likely as me winning Power Ball this year (and that ain’t gonna happen). We have flood warnings instead of snow warning in the area. But, Christmas is only a day away. To celebrate, I want to share a little cheer; so I’ve prepared a little poem in the tradition of Christmas in honor of the upcoming PPM hockey playoffs. I hope you enjoy my fun variation on the classic poem “A Visit by Saint Nick” by Clement Clark Moore. Baca artikel

English Catching Up With the Founders
For those joining PPM, after the founding season of hockey it should be suspected that a good bit of work and dedication would be required to become competitive with those teams who began during season 1. This article looks at how well expansion hockey teams (teams founded after season 1) have fared in regards to advancing to Division I making the playoffs and ultimately winning the coveted division 1 championship. Baca artikel

English Origins of a Champion Team (Part II)
As promised, here is the follow-up article. I am going to provide a comparison of the 10 division 1.1 champions that were used for last week’s article. In addition, I will provide you with USA and Canadian champions and for snickers I also listed canucks357 and my data. So, take a look at the following tables. I hope at the least they are food for thought. Baca artikel

English Origin of a Team
The focus for this article is how champion basketball teams choose players for their team. Do the best teams build their team from their farm system (players who show up each Saturday night)? Do they rely on their scouting and build primarily from quality draft picks (players claimed during the two season drafts)? Do elite owners build their teams primarily by buying the best players available on the market? OR, do they rely on building their founding players (players that were assigned to the team at the time they assumed the managing role)? Baca artikel

English DEFLATEGATE: The question that should be asked?
In last season’s American Football Conference title game of the national football league (NFL), the New England Patriots were found to have used illegally deflated footballs and the incident has brought forth a firestorm of conversation about the failure of this season’s Super Bowl champion’s to obey the rules of the game. In this article, I hope to discuss the topic in a slightly different way. I would like to propose a new question that I believe should be being asked. Why didn’t the referees/officials actively respond to the rule abuse during the conference title game? Meaning, if a team breaks the rules during a given game, shouldn’t they be penalized during that game? Baca artikel

English Season 20 Playoffs Predictions – Canada
With the 38 games of the regular season behind us, we now have a clear view of what the “real” season looks like. If many teams in the top 8 were expected before the season even starts, some surprises are to be noted. Baca artikel

English Clinching a playoff spot: What is PPM's 95 point NHL equivalent?
In the NHL, 95 points is the magic number. More often than not, 95 points gets you into the playoffs. But what about PPM? What is PPM’s playoff threshold? I dug into Canada I.1 hockey’s records to find out for myself. Baca artikel

English Revisit our classics (Part 3)
I hadn’t planned at first to give you all these numbers, but I think they are quite interesting. What you have here is raw data. Nothing has been tampered or modified in any way. The home ice advantage is not removed from the numbers shown here. It’s 100% pure data. Baca artikel