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English Revisit our classics (Part 2)
As announced recently in the French version of the PPM Magazine, I plan to validate which strategy matchup is profitable in the long run in hockey. Of course, we are all aware that some strategies are better than other against a particular style of play. You can find a lot of info on this topic in the PPM Magazine itself. You can learn even more from a simple search on Google. But, are these conclusions valid since PPM offers the option of changing the style of play on a per period basis? That's the main question behind this second article. Baca artikel

English Factors that Lead to Wins in Hockey.
My goal in PPM sports is to ONE DAY have a JUGGERNAUT team. A team that is virtually unbeatable (at least in USA). However, so far in my PPM career, I’m far from a JUGGERNAUT. I do continue to grow, day-by-day, season-by-season. With my current teams, I can expect wins against many teams, unfortunately for me, I am still destined to humiliating losses when playing the likes of the Psychos, Razorback Thugs and other elite USA teams. For today’s article, I will examine factors that could lead to a team’s chances at winning a game. I plan to examine the effect of team strength, overall team rating (OTR), game importance settings, and home ice advantage. Anyone who has played PPM for even a few weeks ponders questions relating to success. Can I expect to be competitive with teams who have higher team strength that mine? Does home ice advantage help me win? Is my high OTR why I am winning? Hopefully, I can provide some statistics to consider about these questions. Baca artikel

English Revisit Our Classics (Part 1)
The following article was published by Dino Barnabé in French on 2/13/15. I decided to translate it to English for your viewing pleasure. Baca artikel

English Evaluating Player Qualities
The purpose of this article is to discuss how qualities and training ratios impact training. Baca artikel

English Snow Days/Cleaning Days
Well the weather outside is frightful. The snow is piling up and activities outside are at best limited. Inside chores only today, clean up/out the junk room. After that if you haven’t lost power, cable, and internet I have another idea. Today would be a great day to clean up, manage, and improve your PPM sports teams. If you are like me, your teams need an occasional cleaning day. Today’s article will examine an approach to a cleaning day for a PPM sports team. Baca artikel

English How do my hockey players stack up? A tool to aid in judging your player versus the global population.
Downloadable tool for your hockey team to compare players with the global population. Baca artikel

English USA Basketball Facility Development
The purpose of this article is to compare facility development for USA basketball teams based on the cost of those facilities and to identify top teams based on each of the tier 1 and tier 2 facilities. Baca artikel

English A New Year Cometh…. (Resolutions … PPM style)
Cold Mountain Rebel's New Years Eve Celebration for 2015 (New Year's Resolutions with a flair). Baca artikel

English PPM Draft Union: Sign-up to avoid missing draft scouting!
A service offered to notify registered managers by email when players have been populated for a draft. Baca artikel

English Uncharted Territory: The Future of PPM Soccer
PPM soccer is unique in that it is the only sport that has an attribute cap. Here, I discuss why that is, where it comes from and the implications it has. Baca artikel