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Anda berada di dalam akaun orang ramai. Jika anda ingin bermain permainan ini atau sertai perbincangan, anda harus daftar masuk. Jika anda pengguna baru, anda mesti mendaftar terlebih dahulu.


If a new user registers via your referral link displayed below, you receive a reward in the amount of 5% of the credits bought by this user. You can send the link to your friends or use it anywhere on the web (for example on your website or in your profile on a social network etc.).

Apart from the provision from the credits bought by your referral, you also get 3 credits for each sport in which the referral reaches manager experience of 11.

Your referral link:

You can use our banners and flyers or send recommendation e-mails to your friends using our form. We have already incorporated your referral link to the banner codes and the recommendation e-mail.

- You do not receive provisions from the credits charged by SMS as this payment method provides minimum profit!
- Your referral link is not incorporated in our flash banners! These banners are marked with a warning message.