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  Prediction pool - FIFA World Cup 2014

Prediction pool
This is the right place for showing off your skills in predicting results and also for competing with other managers. It is very simple, you have to predict the winner or the tie. Sign up and win attractive prizes!
A special prize is prepared for the winner(s) of this prediction pool - a winner's trophy in the manager profile. The donation to the prize pool is 6000 credits. The three best predictors will also be rewarded with merchandise. You get one point for each correct prediction.

Sponsor of the pool: Captains, PPM team members and PowerPlay Manager

Overview of games

29.06.2014 18:00 Netherlands Netherlands 2:1 Mexico Mexico
29.06.2014 22:00 Costa Rica Costa Rica 2:1 Greece Greece
30.06.2014 18:00 France France 2:0 Nigeria Nigeria
30.06.2014 22:00 Germany Germany 2:1 Algeria Algeria
01.07.2014 18:00 Argentina Argentina 1:0 Switzerland Switzerland
01.07.2014 22:00 Belgium Belgium 2:1 USA USA
04.07.2014 18:00 France France 0:1 Germany Germany
04.07.2014 22:00 Brazil Brazil 2:1 Colombia Colombia
05.07.2014 18:00 Argentina Argentina 1:0 Belgium Belgium
05.07.2014 22:00 Netherlands Netherlands 1:0 Costa Rica Costa Rica
08.07.2014 22:00 Brazil Brazil 1:7 Germany Germany
09.07.2014 22:00 Netherlands Netherlands 0:1 Argentina Argentina
12.07.2014 22:00 Brazil Brazil 0:3 Netherlands Netherlands
13.07.2014 21:00 Germany Germany 1:0 Argentina Argentina