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As Christmas approaches, a Cold Mountain White Christmas is about as likely as me winning Power Ball this year (and that ain't gonna  happen).  We have flood warnings instead of snow warning in the area.  But, Christmas is only a day away.  To celebrate, I want to share a little cheer; so I've prepared a little poem in the tradition of Christmas in honor of the upcoming PPM hockey playoffs.  I hope you enjoy my fun variation on the classic poem "A Visit by Saint Nick" by Clement Clark Moore.



Twas the night before Christmas and all though the league, not a player was on the market, not even Rodger Ivey.  The Gingerbread was all claimed from the friendlies that were played.  The lineups were all settled and teams were ready to play.  And Canada's Mighty Oil and USA's Razorback Thugs were preparing for another championship run.  When across the rink there arose such a racket, I jumped from the sky box to see what's the chatter.  Quickly to center ice I skated with a fury.  Slide past nitny and On the fly in less than a flash.  The ice how it glistened as though crystal emblazed, couldn't help but lead my thoughts to the playoff series to come.  When what to my mesmerized eyes should appear, but a light covered Zamboni and eight teams full of cheer, with a little old driver so lively and quick that I knew in a moment that it must be Saint Nick.  More wins and victories did his team provide.  And he whistled and cheered as he called out their praises.  "Now Spirit Crushers!  Now The Mighty Oil! Now Royal City Redshift and Mobile Rain!  On Bouncing Pucks!  On Les Sanguinaires! On Montreal Sasquatch and Razorback Thugs!  To the top of the bracket!  To the top of the league!  Now dash to play!  Dash to play!  Dash to play all!"  As the regular season ends and the playoffs begin, when we meet with obstacles making champions fall.  So off to the playoffs, potential champions have flew, with their hopes and their strategies and carrying Saint Nicholas with them too!


So as each team prepares for their playoff run, don't forget that with one series loss your team's run is done.  Thus prepare with skill and diligence, and care, so that awards and trophies your team case will bare.  Offensive, defensive, active forechecking, or breaking up the play; choose the style of play that makes you the team of the day.  A lineup of goalie, defensemen, wingers, and centers; just might be the mix for a championship winter.


So as the dust settles and champions are made! Remember that this is just one season and champions take time as we can see.  Keep to your plan and build once again, cause it won't be long till SEASON 23!


Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays & to ALL Good Luck!





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