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Participation in the competition

Every month there is a competition for the best logos, pucks and pennants uploaded by the managers. All logos, pucks and pennants created in the previous month are automatically entered into the competition. The exception is the first round of the competition where all logos, pucks and pennants of active teams are automatically entered.

Logos from all sports are competing in the same category. Hockey pucks, soccer pennants, handball pennants and basketball pennants have their own separate categories.

If the manager of the team doesn't have an active PRO pack at the time of the start of the new round of the competition, the team's logo will not enter the competition. In case the PRO pack expires during the competition, the logo will remain in the competition and the manager may win one of the prizes.

If the manager's team is revoked during the competition, the team's graphic elements remain in the competition and the manager may win one of the prizes.

If the manager's account is blocked at the time of evaluation of the competition, the manager is disqualified. If the manager was in a position to win one of the prizes, this prize will be awarded to the next manager in the ranking.

The administrators can remove any graphic element from the competition if its content is deemed unsuitable for the competition.


Graphic elements are displayed on selected places on various pages of the game, always in randomly selected pairs. The manager may vote for the element which he/she likes more.

The ranking is decided by the number of votes. In case the number of votes is the same, the tie breaker is smaller number of lost duels and finally random choice.


The owners of the top three elements in each category get gold, silver or bronze award for their profile respectively as well as a reward in credits. The amount of credit rewards may change at any time without prior notice.