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Merging leagues in Season 31

Hi friends,

season 31 starts next Monday and we will attempt to merge several poorly populated national leagues back to continental leagues. It is a complicated operation and the last 2 attempts have failed. We believe we have found the reason for this failure and we will give it another go.

We have received several requests for a merger like this in the past few seasons. Here is the list of leagues that will be merged:

  • Algeria, Egypt and Morocco will be merged with Africa
  • Azerbaijan, China, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia will be merged with Asia
  • Denmark, Israel and Ireland will be merged with Europe
  • Mexico will be merged with North America
  • Chile and Uruguay will be merged with South America

These changes will not affect the national teams. So you don't have to worry that these national teams will be cancelled as well.

There will also be regular league regrouping in the following countries in order to remove inactive teams from the bottom two tiers:

Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, USA

If you sign a sponsorship contract with bonuses and you happen to be moved to a different league during league regrouping, please don't be alarmed. You will have the option to renegotiate your contract during the first 2 days of the new season so that you can make the right choice. Check your new opponents before you make a decision.

Good luck in the new season!

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