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  Subjek: Ski Jump Mania


It is already the best attribute I have!


no, in you're best skills you have 0 in landing, so its quit far behind the others


Regarding the Daily League - Jumper of the day.

The points for the ranking are obtained by winning duels (except for the tournament duels).
But do the wins obtained when someone challenges you count?

Pengarah perkhidmatan pelanggan dario

No, they don't count.


for hill points daily task, if you get to earn 654000$ in money duels and if you win a money duel that gives you larger amount of money (i got 1.250.000) it doesnt count towards. would be nice that this is fixed, beacuse if you get 1000 $ why not other amounts you win....


Pengarah perkhidmatan pelanggan dario

Please explain that a bit better, you can do it via PM.

3x2x ;)


cant login....


midnight passed and no time reset? jump refresh in 20+min...hmm..can you fix it


sry refres in 14+ min, also sign up in tournaments, if i can do 2 per day, why i can sign up for the one tomorrow if i had 2 today? it is not today.....and hell not im getting up at 2am.... is 1:50 am

Mizda Paterna

Yesterday I did pass that 2000 wins in club matches and no reward arrived. Can you please check?


for lvl 40 credits as reward, but none received...


and again, Earn $ 269 000 in money duels, won 1.3 M not counted towards award....

Pengarah perkhidmatan pelanggan dario


please send me your info, username or player ID, you can do it via PM, and I will check it.

Have a nice day.

Pengarah perkhidmatan pelanggan dario

I will check what happened and notify you.


I have a problem. Boss in club made me assistend, and now I can't leave club.
Do anyone know how to leave club ?

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