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English 5th official meeting in Slovenia
For the 5th consecutive year a delegation from the PPM office have visited the meeting in Slovenia. Once again there were fun and games and good food provided by the event organizer alfandrej. Čítaj celý článok

English March 2014 Canada PPM Meeting
Summary of PPM Canada's March 2014 meeting in Guelph ON. Čítaj celý článok

English PPM Canada's Summer 2013 Meeting
An article that covers the 2nd PPM Canada meeting that took place on July 27th 2013 including the events and funny stories to go with it. Čítaj celý článok

English First Official Canadian PPM Meeting
Canada held its first official PPM meeting in August in Kitchener Ontario. The turnout was as expected and the conversation lasted many hours varying from general PPM discussion such as tactics, training, facilities etc. through to how to pronounce Allen's (Aowyr) PPM nickname. Čítaj celý článok

English Action-packed weekend in Ljubljana
Just one day after the meeting in Brno, Czech Republic, two of the three PPM founders rushed down to Ljubljana, Slovenia to cap off a historic week. Čítaj celý článok

English PPM meeting in Budapest
On December 12, 2009, the Soul Darts Club in the capital of Hungary hosted a meeting of PPM fans. The PPM staff attended the meeting as well and I am glad to report that we had a great time and we had received a warm welcome from our southern neighbors. Čítaj celý článok