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English The Anatomy of a World Champion: Handball
Determining the type of player that participates in a World Championship intrigues me. This article examines the players who made up season 4’s World Championship Game for handball. Coming up on the start of a new season of handball, it seemed intriguing to review players from last season’s World Championship game. Just as in last month’s article for soccer, handball players who played in a World Handball Championship game were scouted and evaluated to determine a typical player build for that game. Also, forgive the less than perfect analysis. The article’s goal is to rather simple: provide a general look at the typical players who played in a handball Championship game. Čítaj celý článok

English The Anatomy of a World Champion: Soccer
I have often thought, “What does it take to be a champion”? The answer is not simple to find. Lots of observations, evaluations, and analyses are required to even attempt to determine such things. … and just when you think you’ve found the answer, the equations or calculations are altered or effected by outside factors that may or may not have been considered in the original calculations. That said. I still want to know, what does a World Champion Player looks like. Čítaj celý článok

English Go Leafs!
A question often raised after every spectacularly failed significant social or political movement or idea is similar to one surely asked recently about fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is how can so many otherwise sensible people be so completely wrong? To which I say if pulling for the Leafs is wrong then I don't want to be right! Čítaj celý článok

English Gary Bettman & Slapshot: Just Trying to Capture the Spirit of the Thing
Nobody in the NHL draws as much ire as the longtime Commissioner, Gary Bettman. While many of the criticisms are likely well-deserved one of the most common, despite his repeated protestations to the contrary, is the belief that he isn't even a fan of hockey. While it's obvious Bettman's deeper motivations lie in the business side of hockey, I believe deep inside that bean-counting lawyer's heart beats a genuine hockey fan. I present what I hope isn't an overly hagiographic elaboration on that belief and how it intersects with the classic hockey film, Slapshot. Čítaj celý článok

English Canada vs Sweden: Tale of the Tape
A preview of the upcoming gold medal hockey game. Čítaj celý článok

The article attempts to provide bios for a few USA Olympic Hockey stars. Players chosen for this article are players that likely will provide a significant impact to the team’s success in the 2014 Olympic Games. Čítaj celý článok

English PPM Magazine Exclusive! Why Canada Snubbed It's Hockey Stars!
Until the improbable happens and Canada can ice two teams for men's ice hockey at the Olympics there will always be consternation and contentious debate over seemingly baseless and/or fickle selections. For fun here are some genuinely baseless, fickle and hopefully humorous reasons for Canadian men's hockey roster selections. Čítaj celý článok

English Canada's Flag Bearer: Hayley Wickenheiser
With Sochi 2014 approaching, I take a look at Canada's choice for flag bearer, Hayley Wickenheiser. Čítaj celý článok

English So That Every Underdog Can Have Its Day
Maybe it's me but isn't it a little strange that Europe generally favours parity in the form of socialism for its people, but not its sports leagues while North America generally supports franchise parity for its sports leagues but skimps on the same form of socialism for its people? What's up with that? Čítaj celý článok

English Save Our Chiefs: A Lesson in Fandom
When the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL hit rock bottom, some die hard fans came together to form the Save Our Chiefs campaign. This is the story of how they made a difference. Čítaj celý článok