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Season 30 Starting Soon

Hi folks,

we are almost ready to start season 30. But before we do, make sure you choose the right sponsors for your team. The first offers will arrive tomorrow. Also don't forget to check out the World Championships and support your national teams in all three age categories.

No more bids to host World Championships
This will be the last time that World Championships in handball will be held in one country. We are working on an update that will remove the feature where general managers post bids to host these tournaments.

The reason for this change is that the feature seems to have lost its purpose, which is to activate the community. Also people often use pictures for logos and mascots that they don't have rights to use.

As of next season, the championships will be held in randomly selected national team arenas in various countries. This change will also be implemented in the other sports in the seasons to come. This will always be announced in advance.

League regrouping
We would like to announce the list of countries where league regrouping will take place this season:

Canada, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden

League regrouping is a mechanism used to eliminate inactive teams from the two lowest league levels in the selected countries in order to increase the competitiveness of these leagues.

If you happen to be moved to a different league during league regrouping and you have chosen a sponsor offer with performance bonuses, there is no need to worry. You will get a chance to switch to a regular sponsor offer or change your target position for bonuses during the first 2 days of the new season.

Good luck!

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