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Location: Slovakia Komárno,   Date: 2015-06-06, Saturday
Organizer: PRO pack owner Slovakia Emzet Local time: 13:00
Number of managers: 23 Forum: Click here

About the meeting

Stretnutie sa uskutoční v Bow Gardene. Bližšie info o podniku: http://www.hotelbowgarden.sk/sk ___________________ Mapa: https://www.google.com/maps/@47.760251,18.123012,3a,75y,151.82h,80.72t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1syvnDZHa7kKARcNvtHOD8NQ!2e0?hl=sk ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A találkozó a Bow Gardenben lesz megtartva. Közelebbi infó itt: http://www.hotelbowgarden.sk/hu ________________ Térkép: https://www.google.com/maps/@47.760251,18.123012,3a,75y,151.82h,80.72t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1syvnDZHa7kKARcNvtHOD8NQ!2e0?hl=sk

Attending managers

# Manager Hockey team Football team Handball team Basketball team Actions
1 PRO pack owner Hungary Kityusz Hungary Kityusz Penguins - - -
2 PRO pack owner Slovakia otecko United Kingdom Majstri sveta England FC Barcelona "A" Slovakia HC FC Barcelona Slovakia FC Barcelona A
3 PRO pack owner Slovakia Ferenc12 Slovakia Pirates of Camarum - - -
4 Helper nyugdijas Hungary Nyüzügék Hungary Nyüzügék Hungary Nyüzüge KK Hungary Nyüzügék
5 PRO pack owner Slovakia Emzet Slovakia BAGOTA Grim Bears - - -
6 PRO pack owner Hungary jules68 Hungary Fehérvár Devils 19 - - -
7 Petike007 - - - -
8 hzsolt - - - -
9 PRO pack owner Hungary buresz3 Hungary Buresz.Fc Hungary Buresz FC Hungary Buresz KC Hungary Buresz BC
10 Translator Huntsabi Hungary Diósgyőri Tigrisek Hungary Diósgyőri Tigrisek Hungary Diósgyőri Tigrisek Hungary Diósgyőri Tigrisek
11 Person close to PPM team juris - - - -
12 Captain of the national support team Hungary ferrri Hungary Fehérvár -AV19 Hungary Tartalék FC Hungary Salakszentmotoros KC Hungary Tartalék KK
13 szhaci - - - -
14 Moderator RoBour Hungary KL-JKC Hungary KL-FC Hungary KL-KLC Hungary KL-KoC
15 Developer of the PowerPlay Manager project vlady Slovakia Grim Reapers Slovakia FC R'lyeh Slovakia Heavy Metal Thunder Slovakia Thangorodrim Balrogs
16 David Xix - - - -
17 topkins - - - -
18 Helper bredock Hungary Kate's Vampires Hungary Kate's Vampires Hungary Kate's Vampires Hungary Kate's Vampires
19 gottesz - - - Hungary Jet Team
20 Customer care director dario Croatia Dalmatian Pirates Croatia Dalmatia United Croatia Dalmatian Lions Croatia Dalmatian Giants
21 19titi66 Hungary káposztásbab Hungary káposztás tészta Hungary vecsési káposztásbab Hungary liege lord2
22 Bojtos Máté - - - -
23 Bajnok13 - - - -