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New Seasons in Soccer and Basketball

Hi folks,

as you may have noticed, new seasons will start in both soccer and basketball next Monday. So don't forget to do all the necessary preparations for the new season in both sports.

We would like to announce the list of countries where league regrouping will take place. League regrouping is a mechanism used to eliminate inactive teams from the bottom two tiers in the selected countries in order to increase competitiveness.

League regrouping in soccer
Africa, Argentina, Asia, Czech Republic, Peru, Slovenia

League regrouping in basketball
Argentina, Iran

If you sign a sponsorship contract with bonuses and you happen to be moved to a different league during league regrouping, please don't be alarmed. You will have the option to renegotiate your contract during the first 2 days of the new season so that you can make the right choice. Check your new opponents before you make a decision.

Good luck in the new season!

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