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less income might mean fewer foreign players bought, but it doesnt neceserily mean you'll have more Americans in your team.

If you want more Americans build YA.. you and the rest of your league.. on all league levels.

Vlasnik PRO paketa SAD lanky522

... great. I was forcibly advanced into division II because of the league regrouping even though I didn't want to be there for another season or 2 yet.

Oh... and this comes 2 days after I accept a general sponsorship offer with bonus contingencies. This is absolute horseshit. They say that the league regrouping won't result in lost money.

Well for me it will.

I'll be lucky if I make half as much as I did last season.

What a waste of my time.


yeah i was "surprised" to see on ii.2 as I was looking where i am going to be next season very likely so as the iii.6 is weaker than the defunct iii.11

Even if i try hard to stay i think i will be "forced" to join D2 next season.

Im sure glad i was not moved to D2 now :)

another easy season where i will be giving my top prospects tons of experience.

but considering i was earning 100% more than i am now (when i was on D2) I am still losing tons of money for being on D3.


I'm going to put this here as well to keep the sponsor related stuff in one spot.

In the guide, finances section, at the end of the third paragraph in the General Sponsor section, it reads:

If your team is moved to a different league in league regrouping and you signed a contract with bonuses, you can renegotiate this contract during the first two days of the season.

Cory Martin

Now that I've signed all my offers, my total lost per week exceeds $10 million. So my assistant manager has 81 marketing instead of 100 like last season, that doesn't explain away that MASSIVE loss. It contributed, but it can't be the sole reason.


It's apparently because of the league regrouping. My marketing is at 100, finished a respectable 11th in I.1, +14 OTR over last season, and I'm still down around 6M with 4&5 star deals. If my managers were worse and my deals only 3 stars, I could definitely see me losing close to 10m.

Cory Martin

I have 4 and 5 star offers though. Only one manager is worse. I lost 40 OTR, but 11th in II.3 is higher than 1st in III.7. I would think more people would follow a division II team than a division III team and be more apt to spend money on that team.


I'm losing just over 140 million per season when combining the general and TV

Moderator tescosamoa

I ended up getting all 5 star on the first day. Very strange. Felt like I won the lottery.


back to D2 and still far from earning what i was earning there before being demoted. and chances are high i will be demoted again as i wont change my play style


Five star 6.750,000 up 1 mill from last year / league 2

Vlasnik PRO paketa SAD lanky522

"Your sponsors are unhappy with your performance."

Apparently my sponsors are angry that I sold my entire team this season lol. Every playoff game I get this message.

Someone should tell my sponsors that they can suck a fat horse c*ck, because until they pay me enough to NOT be in and out of bankruptcy 5 times in the past 2 seasons, they don't really have any room to be talking. :D8-)

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